Terms & conditions

The defense can be partially or totally organized as a videoconference. 

The public may attend the defense by videoconference in accordance with the procedures indicated in the framing note below, which remains valid until the end of 2020.

Ministerial decree published on November 03, 2020
NOVEMBER 2020: methods of defending theses and health measures

SEPTEMBER 2020: modalities of thesis defense and health measures

Interview with the dean of the docotral school

The candidate has to meet the director of the doctoral school not later than 9 weeks before the date of the defense in order to discuss the prerequisitsts for the defense. 
The committee must be validated by the director of the doctoral school at the latest one week before the end of thesis appointment.

Once the defense committee has been constituted, the date of defense fixed and the request form for authorization to defend generated from your ADUM account and signed by your thesis director, you must then make an appointment (by e-mail to the ED secretariat) with the Director of the ED for the end-of-thesis interview and sign the request form for authorization to defend before submitting it to the school.

It should be noted that the President of the committee is designated by the members of the jury, he must be of rank A.

For this appointment, you must bring please :

- the application form for authorization to defend your thesis signed by your thesis director. This document generated from your ADUM account will mention the composition of the jury and the date of the defense,

- a link to the PDF version of the manuscript read and corrected by the thesis director, and ready to be sent to the rapporteurs,

- inform online on your ADUM account your publications realized during the thesis (the references of the publication(s)),

- inform on line on your ADUM account the training courses followed and deposit the corresponding documents.

You must then submit the application form signed by the Director of ED352 to the academic department in charge of your doctoral program (Luminy or St-Jérôme or Centrale Marseille) and send your manuscript to the rapporteurs immediately after the final thesis interview. The jury proposal is then forwarded by the school to the Vice-President Research of the main supervising institution. No later than 4 weeks before the defense, the Director of the ED takes note of the two rapporteurs' reports and gives his opinion based on their recommendations. Final authorization for the presentation is granted by the Vice-President Research of the main supervising institution, on the advice of the Director of the DE.

After the defense

The thesis supervisor (or the president of the committee) transmits as soon as possible all required administrative documents to the "Scolarité".